Friday, April 27, 2012

Gluton free Cosmetics!

Hello all.  I am typing this from my phone because my computer is out of commission.  I wanted to share some information I read. 

First I want to say.  A co-worker mentioned a customer came in (I work at ULTA BTW) and asked if we sold Gluton free makeup.  I thought that was the most odd thing......until! 

I read a post on twitter and I don't remember who it was.  But there was a link and an article about how the new thing is Gluton free makeup.  Im going to follow this and keep you posted on what I find because I think this is very interesting.   I wonder how much this will change makeup.  Hummmmm!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Birthday 2012

Hey guys!  So, I just celebrated my 36th birthday.  And so far it was the best birthday to date...:-) I just wanted to share some of the goodies I got and the outfit I came of with for my birthday dinner out with the husband and girl friends. 

First I wake up to an awesome breakfast from my oldest son Don (13)
Cheese toast, bacon, cheese eggs and orange juice.  How awesome is that.  Then, The husband give me an awesome card with money for shopping.....:-) Then my little ones gave me a Gift card from Ulta.......All of this by 6:30am I was done.  Couldn't ask for anything more to shopping I

First stop!!! Ulta.......

These are the things I got from Ulta.  Can't wait to try it

Next stop was to find something to were so I went to Ross, Discovery and Chernin's shoe outlet. 

Outfit of the night!!!!

These shoes were less than $15 each.  Have no idea what to were them with but I'm sure ill come up with something.  Love the lips on the bottoms of these...:-) CUTE!

So This is the finished outfit!

Now for my Face of the Night!!!
I tried to make the look simple.  on my face I used as a primer the Smashbox BB cream in Dark
I treated myself to the New Lancome foundation "Teint Idole Ultra 24H" and my shade is 500 suede (w)

On my eyes I used the Urban Decay 15year anniversary palette and a little of the NAKED2 as well.  On my lips I used Magenta Madness from MILANI with a Loreal lilac lipgloss on top.  To come up with this look:

Oh....the shimmer on my chest is the Urban decay body shimmer in HONEY!!!  Love it!!!  Hope you guys enjoyed this.  I had an awesome time......Happy Birthday to all the Aries!!!!! Muah!