Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Luxury Delux Cosmetic Box by Lori Greiner

So, I was watching a video by makeup by RenRen on Youtube and fell in love with this storage box.  Here is the link if you would like to see hers. 
I got it as soon as the video was over because I felt I needed this in my life.  It came a couple of days ago and I am very pleased.  This is only for  my personal makeup I use on a daily bases.  I have so much makeup they are in different areas of my room and I needed something all in one I an get too more easy.  This does not store everything just the things I grab for the most.  I'm not done storing everything but this is a start.  I just wanted to share with you guys in case you were looking for something like this.  It's $76 and comes in 4 colors.  I ordered this from QVC here is the link:

Below are photos on how organized what I use.  I have already changed a few things and added more product which I will show in a video in the near future.  So I hope this will give you a few Ideas on how to store your most used makeup products.  I also have my eye on a couple more things from this collection as well and If I get them i would be more than happy to share.  Enjoy all! :-)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Naked 2 look: Snake bite, suspect and half baked!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Valentine's Day goodies"

I have had my eye on this fragrance for a while now and I just fell in love with it.  I love frangrances with musk, and citris type smells.  This is my first Vera Wang fragrance and Im in love with it.  I got it from Ulta and the 1oz bottle is $48 and it came with this beautiful bag as a free gift w/purchase.  My new spring fragrance. 

So, this is not a review.  I just wanted to show you guys my goodies.  I have been waiting to get this naked palette for a long time now and I finally got my hands on it. I got it from Ulta and it retails for $50. Though its after Valentines day and I just got these today.....i still consider it a Valentine's Day gift.  :-)

I hope to do a review on this palette after I play around with it a bit.

Simple eye Bold Lip.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Favorites! 2012

Hi all!  I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things Ive been grabbing for lately.  This is not all of the things Ive been loving but just a few.  I don't want this to go on forever.  My goal is to do this once a month....or every other month.  We shall see.  Below I you will find pictures and the reason I love it!!! Enjoy!

Starting from left to right.  On the far left is the Mia Clarisonic.  I purchased it from Ulta.  It Retails for $119.  I've had my eye on it for over a year and got it for Christmas.  Its so worth it.  Next is the Witch Hazel.  I use it as a toner and apply it after I cleanse my face.  Its 100% natural astringent and it only cost a little over $3 at Walmart.  Love it!  Next and last of the skin care is a cleanser by Benefit.   I purchased it from Ulta as well and It retails for $24.  It foams up really nicely.  I love it.  The scent isn't too much, its clean and fresh and it leaves my skin squeeky clean but not dry.  I absolutely love how it works with my Clarisonic.  Love this cleanser. 

So Next on my faves is primers.  Primers are used for many different reason depending on your skin type.  I have oily skin so I tend to use product to control my oily skin throughout the day.
So, in case your wondering .....I use two types of primers.  On the right is a  Black Radiance Complexion Perfection.  I got in from Walmart and its was no more than $7. It smooths out my skin before my foundation and I love it.  On the left i what I use for controlling my oiliness longer.  Its M.O.M. or (Milk Of Magnesia) It never fails me :-)

I have been using Milk of Magnesia for over a year and so far so good.  Ive never had any break outs or reactions.  Its done nothing more than keep my oily skin under control all day.  This will always be on my favorites list. 

Next is my foundations I was loving in January.

On the left is M.A.C. Matchmaster foundation and my shade is 7.5.  It retails for $33. Its not a full coverage foundation, it dries to a matte finish.  I like how it last and dosn't look chalky by the end of the day.  On the right is the Smashbox studio skin foundations.  I got it from Ulta and it retails for $42.  I love the coverage, its not heavy and it also leaves that matte finish like I like!

I have been in love with the Covergirl trublend minerals since I got it back in December. I use this to set my under eye concealer.  Its perfect.  I love it!  And to set the rest of my foundation I use M.A.C. mineralized skin finish and lately Ive been using he shade Deep Dark. 

Last but not least is eyeshadow primer!!!

From left to right: Urban Decay primer potion in "Eden" Ruby kisses "magic primer" and Urban Decay primer potion "original"

I love this primer because its helps my eyeshadow last longer and not crease.  With this primer I don't have to use an eyeshadow base to make the colors pop. To me its a two in one.  Primer and base.  Awesome!

Ruby Kissed Magic eyeshadow primer is a favorite for me because it on $4.99 in my beauty supply store and it works great for keeping my eyeshadow from creasing and lasting all day.  I can't tell the difference between this one and the Urban Decay primer.....
This is the Urban Decay primer potion in "original"  Its my all time favorite eyeshadow primer how ever....I got this for $10 at Ulta because this is the old packaging.  The new packaging retails for about $19 If this is not in your price range You can opt for the Ruby Kisses primer or e.l.f. has an eyeshadow primer as well that works just as good for $1 :-)