Thursday, February 17, 2011

Urban Decay surreal skin mineral makeup

Urban Decay surreal skin mineral makeup
Have you guys tried the Urban Decay Mineral Foundations? Love!

too face foundation new amazing

too face foundation new amazing
think I need to add this to my foundation collection!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Too Face shadow insurance

Too Face shadow insurance
Anohter favorite primer!

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

Eyelid Primers!

The first time I was introduced to eye primer was a few years ago. When I found the whole new world of makeup on YouTube, everybody was using it.  Mostly Urban Decay and the too faced shadow insurance.  For the most part they give the closest results.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Its an anti-crease eye shadow primer.  In my opinion it also makes your shadows more vibrant and helps the longevity of your shadow. This small amount can cover both lids.  This retails for about $18.  I think its worth it!

Then there is Urban Decay Primer Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Eyeshadow Base.  Remember the primer on the left is Too Faced shadow insurance and the primer on the right is the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  They are both the same in color.  I love the fact that the Too Faced is a squeeze tube.  I feel you can get your product better.  the way the UD packaging is made you can fully get all of your produce.  (you can crack open the bottle and scrape it all out) but who wants to always do that.  However for the holidays UD launched their new packaging and it was a squeeze tube.  I saw it was still on the website when I checked today but.  I hope it becomes permanent.  That one retails for $29 and you get more then the original packing.  Which is about $18.

This  is how they look rubbed in.  Its lighter which is what makes the colors stand out  more. 

I'm using this color to show the comparison of the primers.
The to swatch is with no primer or base.  Just bare skin.  The same color swatch was used on top of Too Faced shadow insurance and the swatch on the right is on top of Urban Decay primer potion.  They both apply more evenly but I think the Primer potion gives a better color pay off. 

I also used this Loreal De-Crease eyeshadow base.  I'm not a fan.  Its good for making your eyeshadow stand out.  I don't like how it dries?//?? maybe????  I'm not sure exactly what it is about this i just don't care for it. Now if I for some reason just did not have the Too Faced or the UD.  Then I would go to this.  But I just threw it in here because I was using it at one point. 

The one on the bottom is the Loreal De-Crease..........
So here ya go.  I hope this helped.  I should be adding more as I get more to try. :-)

About a month ago I picked this primer up from Target.  first of all, it was $1.  So It was a must have, must try....ect.  I must say I have no complaints about it.  Its a tad bit more liquidy than the Urban Decay primer potion, but I don't notice a distance at all.  It has staying power and my shadows does not crease.  Its a winner.  If you are just starting out and trying to get a good primer.  I recommend you pick this up. 
Check out the swatch below.....
It disappears to a natural finish.  If you try it or have tried it.  Let me know your thoughts!

When I purchased the Softbox palette from smashbox it came with a photo finish lid primer.  I was super excited because I was able to try this primer I have been eying for a few months now.  This finish is not like the others.  It dries matte but its almost like a base as well because it doesn't dry clear it has a lite nude tone.  so i see it as helping my shadow from creasing but also thick enough to act as a base to help the shadows pop more vibrantly.  I really, really like this lid primer.  It retails for $19-$20 and is well worth it if you have it!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New Pretty.....The Ultimate Makeup Artist Palette

So.  I was watching YouTube and came across this video >>>  So I went online to and this palette was $7.99.  So of course i got one.  Should have got two, but i didn't.  So It contains:

96 eyeshadows, 64 lipglosses, 12 Blush, 2 sponge applicators, 2 blush Brushes and 2 lip applicators.  No needless to say.  The brushes are pointless.....(for me anyway) But That's what in this palette. 

I can't wait to use this palette.  Instead of swatching the colors with my fingers, I used a brush.  I find when you swatch with your fingers.  Of course you get an awesome pay off but you can really tell what kind of pay off it is when you use a brush because you use a brush to apply the shadow anyway.  So Below I have pics of a couple of the colors I swatched.  I swatched a shimmer and a matte color, with and without a primer.  The primer I used is loreal De-Crease.  It made the colors stand out  more.  So so far I have not tried these colors on my eyes but will soon.  Can't wait....:-)

This color is like a shimmery golden color!  Nice!

This is a matte blue color!

This is a pretty shimmery green.  :-)

Pretty Matte Brown!

So lets get into the lipglosses!  I only swiped two.  They seem to be very pigmented.  I like!

This is a nice burnt orange/red with gold shimmer.  Very pretty and has a nice strong pigment!

This is a very pretty pink.  No shimmer but very pretty!

Now lets get to the blushes:
In swatching these blushes.  I don't find that they give an ashey look.  I think they are very pretty some shimmer and some matte.  Awesome variety.  Can't wait to see how they appear on my face :-)

This is a very pretty Coral pink color.  Its matte and i think its beautiful! 

This is a very pretty pink with a little shimmer.  NICE!!!!

This is a very pretty pinkish plum color with a little shimmer.  Very pretty....!

So I hope you get the idea of how these shades will turn out!  I'm really excited about this palette and am very excited to do a few looks from it!  Stay tuned for the looks coming up in the next week or so.  Thanks all!