Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New Pretty.....The Ultimate Makeup Artist Palette

So.  I was watching YouTube and came across this video >>>  So I went online to and this palette was $7.99.  So of course i got one.  Should have got two, but i didn't.  So It contains:

96 eyeshadows, 64 lipglosses, 12 Blush, 2 sponge applicators, 2 blush Brushes and 2 lip applicators.  No needless to say.  The brushes are pointless.....(for me anyway) But That's what in this palette. 

I can't wait to use this palette.  Instead of swatching the colors with my fingers, I used a brush.  I find when you swatch with your fingers.  Of course you get an awesome pay off but you can really tell what kind of pay off it is when you use a brush because you use a brush to apply the shadow anyway.  So Below I have pics of a couple of the colors I swatched.  I swatched a shimmer and a matte color, with and without a primer.  The primer I used is loreal De-Crease.  It made the colors stand out  more.  So so far I have not tried these colors on my eyes but will soon.  Can't wait....:-)

This color is like a shimmery golden color!  Nice!

This is a matte blue color!

This is a pretty shimmery green.  :-)

Pretty Matte Brown!

So lets get into the lipglosses!  I only swiped two.  They seem to be very pigmented.  I like!

This is a nice burnt orange/red with gold shimmer.  Very pretty and has a nice strong pigment!

This is a very pretty pink.  No shimmer but very pretty!

Now lets get to the blushes:
In swatching these blushes.  I don't find that they give an ashey look.  I think they are very pretty some shimmer and some matte.  Awesome variety.  Can't wait to see how they appear on my face :-)

This is a very pretty Coral pink color.  Its matte and i think its beautiful! 

This is a very pretty pink with a little shimmer.  NICE!!!!

This is a very pretty pinkish plum color with a little shimmer.  Very pretty....!

So I hope you get the idea of how these shades will turn out!  I'm really excited about this palette and am very excited to do a few looks from it!  Stay tuned for the looks coming up in the next week or so.  Thanks all! 

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