Friday, April 26, 2013

Review on the Lorac Glogetter palette!

Hi all,
So about two weeks ago I told you guys I got this Lorac palette from ULTA. It's was $20 and well worth every penny. I used some of the colors without a base and some with a base. I found when I used a base it kept the shadow on longer. I use all the colors as you maybe able to see in the photo. If you follow me on Instagram and keek you already know. For those readers that don't follow me. What are you waiting for? @makeupbyladwina

I used the brown color all the way on the left for my crease color. It's the perfect redish brow color that blends with any eyeshadow color.
Now I need to get my life together and get the Lorac Pro palette. I'm so loving the pigment of there eyeshadow.
I hope you guys Enjoyed this mini review. If you get a chance. Go get some shadows by Lorac. You'll love them!!!

Talk to you guys soon!!

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