Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skincare tips: Do you use a toner?

So in the beginning of the week I ran out of my normal toner with is the T.N.Dickinson's original witch hazel. I usually get it from Walmart or Target. Walgreens was the closest to me to I went in to look for my witch hazel. They did not have the one I usually get. They only had this one (shown above) in the yellow packaging. I would only see this on line not in Walmart or Target. I also noticed there where two different ones. One for oily skin (which is what I got) and they had one for large pores. I'll probably get that one next time. 
I use this as a toner after my cleanser. It's refreshing and my skin loves it. 
I notice my skin gets oily real fast if I don't use a toner. As far as this one being for oily skin. I don't notice a difference from the original one but I'll keep using it and see what happens over time. 
If you have normal to dry skin. The original one will be best for your skin. As it will help balance out the moisture needed if your too dry. Always apply a moisturizer after. SPF in the day and night cream at night. 

This is the original witch hazel I have been using for the past few years. It's a little over $3 and the one above was a little over $5 so it's about a two dollar difference between the two. Eather way, I couldn't go without it in my Skincare routine. 
I hope you guys can take something from this. I hope you can add this to your Skincare routine. 
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