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So, I have been searching hard to find a Bare minerals foundation that matches me, without looking ashy when I apply it.  Bare Minerals has a lot of colors to choose from.  In 2003 when i was first introduced to the BareMinerals line, they only had one color for women of color.  Now, its a wide range of colors to choose from.  So, I got a sample from work to play around with it to make sure it is a good match. 
It evens out my skin tone and looks very natural and flawless.  I love it for everyday.  I still would like to try to Matte foundation line.  I have oily skin and would like to see how it does through out the day.  I will keep you posted when I do that.  But so far this is a favorite for me. 
So.......4/2011 update.  Tho this foundation leaves your skin looking fresh and natural, I find i am not a fan of mineral or powder foundations.  If you are looking for a full coverage this would not do the job.  If you need something quick and simple this is for you.  These are my thoughts and i don't want to discourage anyone.  Try it and let me know your thoughts on this foundation as well.  
The color is a little red for me so i would have to mix it with another shade to make it work for me.  It will probably be perfect for me in the summer when the rest of my body is a little darker.   

So I was in a training class at work today and I learned about this cute little bottle of joy.  And...........they have my shade.  YAY!!!!  They have 8 shades available and I'm not sure if they will come out with more.  But, I tried it and fell in love.  So here is a list of the benefits of this foundation:
Too Faced’s Amazing Face Foundation Benefits:

“Erase Imperfections: Create with our advanced Light Refraction Technology that visibly reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines by diffusing the reflecting light.

Wrinkle Relaxing: Bio Transformed Botanicals soften and relax the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

Close-Up Coverage: Real Skin Technology allows for "close up" perfection. Weightless in finish and feeling, foundation coverage adjusts to skins ever changing needs.

Skin Balancing: Natural Bark Extract absorbs excess oil while keeping skin hydrated and fresh. Multi Mineral Complex, Vitamins A, C & E and botanical extracts promote healthy, glowing skin.”

So, Ive only tried this product once and so far I have no complaints. I think I should get it.  If I remember correctly its priced at anywhere between $32 and $36 I don't remember exactly.  When I find out I will post it.  So I'm thinking I may have to add this to my foundation collection.  So If I do.  Look out for the video for it :-)
So.........4/2011 update.....: I find to get my perfect shade I have to mix the two darkest shades of this foundation.  I rather not at $36 a peace.  The darkest shade is too red for me and the shade before that one is too yellow.  But the colors together is perfect for me.  Hopefully more shades are to come. 
So why is Urban Decay's Mineral Makeup different from other mineral foundations out there? The package just might be Urban Decay's favorite thing - totally mess-free. Other brands' makeup needs to be poured and brushed and swirled and whatnot. Urban Decay's comes with an attached puff. Just puff it on for a flawless finish anywhere - at your vanity or on the subway. Use a little for sheer coverage or keep puffing for heavier coverage. Titanium dioxide, a major ingredient, provides formulation color and great coverage. The handy on/off switch means you can toss it in your purse - no spills.

Another unique thing about Surreal Skin: you¿ll get a semi-matte finish instead of the shiny finish other mineral foundations provide. The result is natural, not made-up, and totally weightless.

I must say, I'm not a fan of the applicator but I may have to just play around with it a bit more to get it rite!  If not, It really doesn't matter.  I can still use it with a brush and get the same coverage.  Ive only had it on for a few hours (with no primer ) and It.  Can't wait to see how it wears with Primer and see how long it wears.  Ill keep you guys posted on this product and video's to come! 

Super excited.....Love trying new products :-)
So..........4/2011 update.  I loooooove this foundation.........I don't care for mineral or powder but I can say this makes your skin look flawless......the downfall is.  This is also too red for me.  The shade before this one is too  lite for me ;-( Hopefully......they will come out with something just for me....:-)
My other wish is that they change the packaging as well.....If yo put it in a different container, its a go.

Love Black opal foundation stick.  I have been using the shade Nutmeg.  I recently picked up beautiful Bronze and find it a little dark for me. I in the summer I'm sure it will be perfect.  I thing I will try the Hazelnut and see how that works out.  The coverage is awesome, it goes on nice and smooth.  I can't say enough about it.  My goal is to purchase these for my professional makeup kit.  The price is $9.99 and you can find Black opal almost anywhere.  Walmart, is were I seem to see it allot along with IMAN of course.  Definitely a must try. 
Looooove IMAN foundation sticks.  Compared to the Black opal foundation stick its a little more oily but I can totally live with that with a little oil control.  I love the coverage.  I shade selection is phenomenal.  I use Earth2 as my shade but I have also tried Earth1.  It goes on nice and smooth and is easy to blend.  I don't own any other foundations from IMAN....YET.  But I also have tried the Luxury Radiance liquid makeup.  I like the stick foundation better.  The coverage on the luxury Radiance liquid makeup doesn't give the same coverage.  So I'm not too much of a fan for it.  The foundation sticks rule...;-)

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