Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

So, I hope everyone had a happy and prosperous new year!   The new year brings new things.  I have been encouraged to start a blog with questions from you guys and and any tips or advice I can share about makeup. 
I really was thinking about closing this account but I found a better way to communicate things that i like and dislike. 
I hope to grow as a beauty blogger. I find the information I can share helps others and It helps me learn how to communicate better and find out more about the makeup industry and products.  So, its kind of win, win. :-)  I hope I will be able to post periodically about any information about things I may learn about a product I use or may be trying.  So stay tuned for more info and if you have any questions I hope you will ask as i am learning and if I don't know, I will definitely find out!
So I think I will start off with skin care.  That's always the first step too a flawless face.  Stay tuned........

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