Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty on a Budget!

Hello Beauties!!!
If you follow me on Twitter, or watch me on Youtube then you already know I have been loving the BSS (Beauty Supply Store).  I have no problem at all trying drugstore, beauty supply store, what ever store eyeshadow.  When the colors are bright they just call my name....OMG!  The beautiful sound.  So, now I will show you guys what I got in the past week or so.  I just pick up things here and there so.  I hope you like this as I will be adding to it when i get something new.  Thanks much!!!

 This is the KLEANCOLOR 02 Poetic palette.  I applied these shadows with a skin tone cream e/s base.  Love the consistency of them I had success with the green and purple shadow and I can't wait to see what looks I can come up with :-)



These I have yet to try.  love the texture very blend able ....Ill keep you guys posted....;-)

So.....i really can't wait to play with this palette.  The colors are so smooth and pigmented....love it.  I used a skin tone, cream e/s base and the colors came out beautifully.  Keep you posted on looks coming soon.

So with this being he first time using this palette.  It wasn't a total disappointment.  I would have liked the colors to be more vibrant but other than that they blend pretty well.  I think this would be great for beginners.


 This is the KLEANCOLOR American Eyedol eyeshadows.  I came across these just yesterday.  They are Wet/Dry Baked shadows.  They are $1.49 each..... <3 Awesome.  I swatch them for you.  I forgot the picture of one but have all of the swatches.  From left to right No base, Base and Wet with no base. 

So in swatching them I find I like them better dry with a base.  I got a chance to play around with them a big so far, they last pretty well.  The texture is matte of course but I find them easy to blend.  Ill be doing more looks with these and will be sure to post pics for you guys. 

Matte Maple

                                           No Base                 Base                     Wet no Base


                                                    No Base         Base         Wet no Base


                                                     No Base           Base              Wet no Base

                                                            MATTE PURPLE                  

                                                      No Base            Base        Wet no Base

This one I didn't get a close pictures of but Its the beautiful color "Glitter Copper"  This one is probably my favorait as far as pigment pay off......just beautiful...!!!!

This is two of the shadows.  On the inner 3rd is Matte Fuschia and the purple is the Matte purple.  The liner is a cream liner by Ruby kisses called Green Shimmer.  On the outer crease is a dark purple plum color by M.A.C. I think its called sketch....(not sure).  In my highlight is a Sally Girl shadow called Beige. 

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  1. you created some pretty looks with them. I may have to stalk my local bss soon. Thx :)