Friday, August 26, 2011

E.L.F. Studio Essential Makeup Collection

So I went to Marshalls today.  Sooo not looking for makeup.  I happen to walk in a small section of beauty.  Well I couldn't just walk pass and not see whats out there.  Then, there it was all alone.  The only one there.....calling me.  I looked and saw it was e.l.f. and was going to pass on it because I already have an e.l.f. palette and an palette from Belk that looks just like this but bigger.  How ever....knowing all of that I still felt that this one may be different in some way.  So I looked at the price and it had a BIG red sticker that said  $16.  So my decision was made and here we are. 

When I started touching the colors, I was amazed at how soft and pigmented they were.  First I touched the 4 shades in the center which are the 4 bronzers.  They were very soft and easy to blend.  So I was hoping the eyeshadows would be just as soft and .......they are.  There are only a hand full of matte colors and the rest are all shimmer or a satin finish.  There are 64 eyeshadow shades so....lots to play with.  The blushes are the for on the left side.  I can see me using some of these as eyeshadows as well.  Too lite for a stand alone blush....on my skintone but pretty as a highlight.  Then last but not least....the 8 glosses on the right side.  i have not had a chance to swatch them yet but.  I will definitely keep you posted when I try them.

Stay tuned for looks and videos coming up. 

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