Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Luxury Delux Cosmetic Box by Lori Greiner

So, I was watching a video by makeup by RenRen on Youtube and fell in love with this storage box.  Here is the link if you would like to see hers.  http://youtu.be/HV9w8k2JgRc 
I got it as soon as the video was over because I felt I needed this in my life.  It came a couple of days ago and I am very pleased.  This is only for  my personal makeup I use on a daily bases.  I have so much makeup they are in different areas of my room and I needed something all in one I an get too more easy.  This does not store everything just the things I grab for the most.  I'm not done storing everything but this is a start.  I just wanted to share with you guys in case you were looking for something like this.  It's $76 and comes in 4 colors.  I ordered this from QVC here is the link:  http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.H165015.desc.Luxury-Deluxe-Wood-Cosmetic-Box-wMirror-by-Lori-Greiner?&cookie=set

Below are photos on how organized what I use.  I have already changed a few things and added more product which I will show in a video in the near future.  So I hope this will give you a few Ideas on how to store your most used makeup products.  I also have my eye on a couple more things from this collection as well and If I get them i would be more than happy to share.  Enjoy all! :-)

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  1. Love it. I need about 4 of these. Time to save my pennies :)