Saturday, March 24, 2012

My favorite highliters

Hi all.  I have accumulated a few of my favorite highlighters to share with you.  I AM GLAM by Giella, Ruby Kisses, Sally girl highlighter, Black Radiance Baked Bronzer, and LoracTantalizer baked bronzer.
I love the way these highlighers/bronzers bounce lights off of my skin and gives a beautiful sun kissed glow where ever you put it.  Ill swatch each on and show you!

So, this is the Giella highlighter.  This is one of my first highlighters I ever used.  I learned about this from a youtube guru named Tatiana Ward or "Beatfacehoney"  This can be warn on all skin tones.  This is the highligher used by Kim Kardashians makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  (secrets to celebrity beauty looks) the I AM GLAM highlighter by Giella goes for $35 and I ordered it online.  I have had it over a year and have yet to notice that it looks untouched.  I use it in all of my photo shoots, Brides ect.  Its the perfect touch to a glowing flawless look. I use a fan brush that looks like this

It deposits the perfect amount of product for the perfect look! 

Next is the Ruby Kisses All over face Bronzer. 
This is a beautiful bronzer.  Though it can be used all over the face.  I personally use this as a highlighter on me.  Its very shimmery, and depending on what you apply it with.  It can be a bit much.  I fell in love with it when I used a fan brush or a very fluffy face brush, like the one on the left of the picture below!

I got this bronzer from my LBSS (local beauty supply store) Its the Ruby Kisses line.  I use the Bronze glow shade.  There are a few more shades but for myself, I like the golden tones.  I got it for about $4.99 and that's a steel. 

Next is the Sally Girl highlighter.  I keep hearing about it from my makeup sisters group on facebook.
So I had to see what all the hype was about this little highlighter.  I got it with my sally's card for $.89  I must admit I was not a fan when I first used it.  It was suuuper soft and extremely pigmented. I applied too much and it was too white and shimmery. Needless to say I wasn't expecting that.  So I had to go about applying it in a different way.  I used my stippling brush and It gave the most beautiful glow.  Kind of like the I AM GLAM by Giella. 
Example of a stippling brush:

Next is my Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer.
I was in Mijers, and I wondered into the makeup section like always at any store I go to. And this caught my eye.  It was about $6 so I had to try it.  It gives a very light golden bronze tone glow.  The shade is "Gingersnap"3515 Its perfect as a highlight and perfect to put all over to give a beautiful all over glow. You can use almost any kind of face brush to apply this as I find it very forgiving and you can build the color. 

Last but not least is the Lorac TANtalizer baked bronzer:
So I picked this up at Ulta.  I have had my eye on this for a long time. I didn't want the large one, I just wanted to try it.  So I picked this one up at the grab in go section at the front of the store.  It was $6 and perfect size.  It gives a beautiful lite highlighted glow.  I apply this in the highlighted parts of the face with a large fluffy brush and its perfect.  I would not put this all over but just in the highlighted areas. 

That concludes the list of my favorite highlighters.  As you can tell I used allot of  baked products.  You can use them wet or dry, I use them all dry but its nice to have options.  I hope this helped.  I hope you enjoyed and I love to share So thanks to all who reads and please share the makeup love :-) Until the next post.

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