Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Chicago Makeup Show "Preview"

Hi guys.
So, I had the opportunity of going to the Blogger preview show Saturday (June 16).
I was invited by

Esthetician, beauty blogger and good friend. I had already bought my ticket for the show for Monday, so I was in shock that I had a chance to go twice.

When we walked, in MUA James Vincent was on stage speaking. I didn't recognize him at first but I new he looked very familiar. Then I remembered, I new him from some YouTube videos I recently watched. He was very funny and very knowledgeable.

On top of me just being happy to be there. I almost fell off my chair when I saw what was in the goodie bag that was given. "yes....goodie bag". Me being the makeup lover I am.......I wanted to run around in circles screaming and jumping up and down. But, I didn't want to embarrass myself....or Rachel. Lol. So I kept my cool to make sure I'm invited back. 😉

Me, James Vincent and Rachel Odem

I met one of my favorite teaching MUA's, Jennifer James. OMG!! I was so excited to meet her. If your not familiar with Jen James. You should google her and find out more about her. She is known for making your brows perfect. When I went to meet her. I introduced myself and I was super shocked she new me. Me "hiiii, nice to meet you. My name is Ladwina". Jen "Ladwina Holmes?" Me "yes!!!". Jen "Oh my Gosh, Huge Hug". It's so nice to meet you" Me, uuuurrrrr?????? WHAT???? I was done. That was pretty damn shocking to me. I was too done. I can not wait until Monday. I'm sure I'll meet more MUA I'm a fan if. And I can't wait.

Jen James and Me :-)

Jen James and Rachel Odem

Below I have listed all of the products in my goodie bag. I'll keep you posted on my favorites and what's new in the makeup industry. I hope you in joy this and hopefully. I'll see you guys at the makeup show. If not this year there is always next year.

Goodie Bag

  1. Embryolisse (Pro: vitamin C10 and a15)
  2. T3 brush
  3. bdellium precision kabuki brush. Face #957
  4. Bleeding Heart= mineral eyes eye shimmer in "gothic gold"  with base coat nail polish
  5. Smashbox photo finish 'light'
  6. Kevyn Aucoin=eyeshadow in "Bronze"
  7. Stila=mascara guard and lash comb
  8. Crown Brush=Face contour brush, precision detail brush C431 and crown tweezers
  9. Makeup Forever="Aqua shadow in "8e? its a green color fyi
  10. Senna= Brow duo in Ebony, blond, and Brunette
  11. Youngblood= cream blush in "plum satin"
  12. OCC (Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics)= Lip tar in "Radiate"
  13. Mehron=eye shadow in "inferno"
I also have information from BLOOM.COM Social Beauty Store. I can't wait to find out more about that.  T3 info and ONMAKEUP Magazine.  That's another one I can't wait to learn more about.  My brain is exhausted and so overwhelmed by this I'm still trying to take it all in.  wwhheeewww!!!

Ill talk to you guys in the next post :-)

More pics!

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