Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foundations I LOVE!

Black Opal

Loooooove Black Opal stick foundations.  I have been using this for a couple of years and it never disappoints.  My shade is "Nutmeg"  and its perfect.  Its not oily.  The coverage is build able and it leaves a matte finish but still lets your skin breath.  Its my #1 go to foundation for all seasons.  It retails for about $9.99 at Walmart.  I'm sure its sold else where but I picked mine up from my local Walmart.

This is another foundation I am in love with.  My shade is "Earth 2"  I can also get away with "Earth 1"  Compared to Black Opal, I notice that this foundations is a little more oily.  That dsnt stop me from using it, just something I noticed.  The two are very much the same.  With minor differences.  I'm in love with them both equally.....(maybe Black Opal better)  But this is one of my go to everyday foundations.  It finishes perfectly and I also wear this through any season.  I got it also from Walmart for $9.99 as well.  I know IMAN is sold in some Ulta stores as well. 

Mayballine Fit Me
So.....I got this a couple months ago and thought it was pretty awesome.  AT THAT TIME!  I still like it, however.  It will probably be better on normal to dry skin.  I have normal to oily skin and it got waaaaay more oily than I would care to deal with on a daily bases.  If it was the last foundation on the face of this earth and i needed something.....yes i would totally use this but because its not........I'm o.k. with out it.  I'm glad i tried it But am very sad about how oily it is.  I hope they come out with one for oily skin.  Then it would be perfect. 

Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator

So, I came across this foundation at my local beauty supply store.....I think (not sure) it was $6.  I picked it up about 2 months ago.  O.M.G.......I am so convinced you don't have to spend a lot of money to get flawless beautiful results.  A little goes a long way and the coverage is awesome.......:-)  The shade I use is called Level 11.  I'm not sure the range of the colors, Ill have to check it out when i go back to the BS store.  The picture above on the left is the duo I have (Level 11) I used the shade on the right but you can mix the colors together ore use the lighter shade as a highlight.  This duo has so many options its become my new love.  I also got Porcelain 12 as well.  Its a shade darker than the Level 11 check out the color chart below.  This is also an awesome product for a MUA (make up artist) kit.  ;-)

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