Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Ruby Kisses collection

So here is all of my collection of Ruby kisses products.  I discovered this brand about a year or so ago in my local beauty supply store.  The first thing I purchased was the "Pot O'Miracle" Lip remedy.  And shortly after I picked up a few shadows.  They were no more than $3.00 ea and I love them.  The pigment is pretty good.  As long as you have a good base to make the color pop your good.  I plan to get more of the shadows and as I get more I will add to the collection.  

About a month ago I picked up the foundation which is the 3D Face Creator.  I got 2 of them because I figured I could mix them if needed and wasn't sure of my shade.  Each one has 2 shades in them.  you can use them how ever you see fit.  I am Level 11.  I also got the shade Porcelain RDF12, however.  That one is too dark for me.  So that will probably be going in my kit. 

You would think the Porcelain 12 would be my color....but the dark is too dark and the light has green undertones so its a nogo for me, but like I mentioned you can mix them.  I'm not sure how many duos of shades there are but I know there are at least 7.  They are about $6 If I remember correctly and well worth it.  The coverage is awesome and so far I have no complaints.


I was in the beauty supply store yet again yesterday because I saw Beauty Blogger RachelO's video of some things she picked up form the MUS in Chicago and she had a few products I wanted to try.  Needless to say I flew over to my local BSS (Beauty Supply Store) to see if I could get my hands on the HD translucent powder.  They were out so I have to check back later in the week to see if they got any in.  In the mean time I came across more things I had not paid attention to.  One of them was the liquid foundation.....OMG.  Just tried it today and for the beautiful price of $4.99 Its fantastic.  It has awesome coverage as well. And again its about 6 or 7 shades you can mix and match.  The color range for WOC (women of color) is great.  not too orange, not too yellow.  A perfect mixture of both.  I'm loving it!

Blow I have swathed the eye shadows I have and when I get more i will be adding to this.......






During one of my many visits.....I also picked up a gel liner in the color Green Shimmer.  I think there are about 4 or 5 of the gel liners. Yes I will be going back to get others and I will add them as I get them.  So far I only have this one.  And I love it.  It has awesome staying power.  no smudging or anything.  Very....Very smooth.  And ...$3.99 is the best price for me........:-)


I also got a all over body shimmer.  So far I have used this in conjunction with my body lotion for an allover body glow and just today I used it in my cheek bones for a little highlight effect.  Very pretty for the beautiful price of $4.99  Its called All over Glow Bronzing cream.  There are about 4 different shades I got the darker of the 4.  Wonderful summer bronze look for the body......


Tho I'm not a fan of this particular gloss (because its too thick and sticky) It is very pretty and shimmery if that what you like.  It is $1.99 and even tho I won't purchase another one of these......I didn't loose out on a bunch of money.....


So this gloss is a winner.  It has Aloe Vera & vitamin E. Not overly sticky or too thick.  its just right.  I must get more and the once again beautiful price of $1.99



As you can see.  The polish if very much the color in the bottle.  I will keep you posted on how long it lasts and when it starts to chip.  So far so good.  The way it dries tells me its a long lasting polish.  Its a large variety of colors and for $1.99 I will probably get more. 

UPDATE 8/2011
So I went to my local BSS (Beauty Supply Store) today hoping they would have the HD powder and the Bronzers.  I have been waiting for them ever since my last RK post.  I wanted to buy more but my plan is to pace myself.........*side eye*
Below you will see that i swatched everything and did not use a base so what you see is what you get.  I already had a couple of other RK shadows that I will also show. 

These are the All Over Glow Bronzing Powders.  From left to right: Bronze Glow, and Deep Glow
As of today I have not had a chance to use these I only swatched them, and from the look of it......They are beautiful.  A nice shimmer which looks like glowing skin once its buffed in or lightly dusted into the skin.  

HD setn'Forget setting powder 

This is a 16 hr flawless rub proof wear setting powder.  I also have yet to use this but the texture feels like silk.  It reminds me of the Smashbox photofinish setting powder.  Its very soft and feels hydrating if you know how that feels.  Not like a powder but water in a powdered form.  With just a light dust it is translucent and leaved no trace of color.  Ill keep you guys posted once I start using it.....


So these are the new eyeshadow I picked up today.  From left to right: Blue Ocean Brownie and Sugar Cookie.  I got them for $2.99/ea  I didn't swatch these with a base but I still think the colors have nice pigment.  Looks coming soon!

NEW AS AOF 8/18/11

From left to right: Cast a Spell, Mickey Mouse Me

Flushed Glow

So far this is my Ruby Kisses HD nail polishes.  I got them from the BSS for $1.99 ea I have no problem with these polishes chipping.  They last just as long as my O.P.I. polishes.....if not longer.  Can't wait to get more colors. 

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  1. Love the blog post I need to see if my bss carry's ruby kisses. I have been sleeping on them... Thanks a bunch also would you use these in your kit for makeup jobs and does the hd powder come up white in photos? Hey gal this is anointed4beauty from youtube