Monday, May 7, 2012

The NYX Dark Shadows Palette

Hello all.  I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new NYX Dark Shadows palette. 
I had my eye on it when I saw it in ulta a few weeks ago.  It retails for $25 and has everything you need except foundation. 
It is very suitable for women of color and I think its an awesome buy! 
I recently entered a NYX contest The. NYX Face Awards.  For Youtube Vlogger of the year.  I didn't make it in the top 25 but I recived a $49.99 shopping spree for NYX website.

When you open it

On the left are the 24 eyeshadows on the right is a mirror. Then it opens again and has the shadow base, liner, blusher, Illuminators, and the glosses. Ive used this palette a couple of times and I am very impressed. The eyeshadow base is awesome. The shadow lasts all day with no creasing. The eyeshadows are soft and very pigmented. The liner is good. (Your typical liquid black liner) the blush......omg! Very pigmented and not ashey. (The darkest pink up to is my favorite) the illuminator is beautiful. And the lipglosses are actually lipsticks in my opinion. They last very long and wears off very nice. I think this is one of the best palettes I've owned. Minus the foundation and lashes, I used everything in this palette. I plan on using this palette alot.....

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